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How did we come up with the idea to start a football ticket (with the aim of football travel) company?
Well, it went like this for us, we once bought mystery tickets for €50 from a company. When we saw where they sent us and what it cost, we jokingly said “we could have done this much better”.
Whenever we got back together, we made this comment as a joke. But it didn’t stop at just a joke.
Another day a few weeks later, someone suggested to the group that they really wanted to seriously start a business.
And on June 12, 2023 the time had come, the three of us were sitting in the waiting area at the Chamber of Commerce. It’s going to happen, we’re starting a company.
After an incredible amount of preparation, our website came online on July 14, 2023. If you now look at what happened in the early period, we can only be proud of that.
We have grown considerably in a short time and we can say that it is a successful start, and it is all thanks to you.
Here’s to many more wonderful years and new fantastic goals. With the next stop: Football trips.

Thank you very much,
Team voetbal-ticket.com

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